You know what would happen if there was no power for communication, lighting, and HVAC at your hospital. And for your blood banks, imaging systems, life support, and operating room equipment. The consequences of power failures can be life-threatening, and they must be avoided. At all times.

Blackouts are simply not an option. To keep your patients alive and well, and stay operational round the clock, you need a reliable critical power system capable of keeping all systems at your hospital running. And that includes designing a control solution with full redundancy.

Check out the application examples below to see some of the possibilities you get with DEIF expertise and devices.

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Non-stop control with scalable devices

You can design a critical power control solution that provides full redundancy and non-stop control using our complete range of DCSes (distributed control systems like the AGC-4 Mk II or iE 250) and PLCs (programmable logic controllers like the AMC 600). You can combine any power source in a hybrid solution, from mains and gensets to solar panels and batteries, and easily scale your solution as needed.

Control solutions for any application

Our intelligent controllers cover all design considerations from multi-master power management systems to redundant PLC solutions. Their built-in flexibility, rock-solid resilience, and reliable communication features let you configure them to your exact specifications for simple or complex solutions – and reconfigure them as your requirements change. And they let you integrate renewables in your setup to achieve cleaner operation without compromising reliability.

Work with one knowledgeable supplier

When you work with DEIF, you only need to deal with one supplier that can handle all tasks in relation to your project. We cover everything from building management system (BMS) integration to generator selection for newbuild and retrofit projects. Most importantly, we help you keep your systems running round the clock. We can provide a complete, integrated control solution for any application that draws on our decades of know-how, and we follow up with global support.

DEIF controllers boost critical power reliability at German hospital

Excellent components, good support, and fast delivery were the main reasons why German engineering company Leukhardt selected a DEIF power management solution. Leukhardt needed a new critical power control system for local hospital Sana Krankenhaus Bad Doberan, and DEIF delivered the performance required.

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