Afford Marine provides robust performance with the AMC 300 PLC

Indian automation solution provider Afford Marine Control Pvt Ltd recently upgraded the alarm monitoring system on an oil tanker, choosing the DEIF AMC 300 and AGI 410 to give the customer peace of mind with robust and reliable performance.

When your ship is weathering gale force winds and choppy seas, you need onboard equipment you can really trust. You need reliable performance no matter how much the hull is vibrating, and if you are a global shipping company, you need that performance in a wide range of climate conditions. Your business, and most importantly the safety of your crews, depend on it.

Afford Marine recommends DEIF

Indian automation solution provider Afford Marine Controls Pvt Ltd is well aware of this and consistently designs its solutions to deliver robust and reliable performance – all over the world. When the company was recently asked to upgrade the alarm monitoring system on an oil tanker, they chose the DEIF AMC 300 advanced programmable controller  and AGI 410 advanced graphical interface .

Based on his experience of working with DEIF on the project, Technical Director Vinay Naik of Afford Marine does not hesitate to recommend the AMC 300 and AGI 410 to colleagues in the marine and offshore business.

“The AMC 300 is a robust PLC that can withstand high working temperatures and vibrations in marine environments,” he says. “And the AGI 410 is easy to set up to show what the client needs.”

Afford Marine Control Pvt Ltd

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Services offered: marine, offshore, and industrial services including maintenance, repairs, and retrofit

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A leader in the Indian marine sector

Founded in 2013, Afford Marine provides marine electrical and automation solutions to a long list of clients that includes several well-known global shipping companies.

“We bring growth to our clients’ businesses by reducing downtime and through timely technical advice and proper periodic maintenance procedures,” explains Vinay Naik. “In brief, we are ready to support our customers with all technical requirements. Our engineers are capable of handling all systems such as main engine controls, power management systems, and so on.”

Robust performance from DEIF

The company’s portfolio of services includes retrofits with customised design and development. For the oil tanker project, Afford Marine decided to partner with DEIF.

“The client wanted to upgrade the existing alarm monitoring system because it was obsolete,” says Vijay Naik. “The new system had to be able to communicate with third-party equipment via RS485, and we designed a solution that fulfilled all technical requirements and also included additional operator displays.”

Dissatisfied with the lead times of their normal PLC and HMI brand, Afford Marine needed to look elsewhere for a control solution. After a talk with DEIF, the search was over.

“We normally use a different brand of products, but the DEIF Mumbai team suggested that we try the DEIF AMC 300 PLC for our project,” says Vijay Naik. “So, we tried it and were happy with its performance. This PLC is also suitable for high-temperature, high-vibration environment projects. It’s a robust product.” The PLC will operate in temperatures from -40 to 70 °C and has superior bump, 50G shock, and vibration resistance properties.

Photo Vinay Naik (1)

“We tried the AMC 300 and were happy with its performance. This PLC is also suitable for high-temperature, high-vibration environment projects.”

Vinay Naik

Technical Director, Afford Marine Control Pvt Ltd

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User-friendly and easy setup

Apart from the built-in robustness, one of the advantages of using the AMC 300 was its CODESYS programming environment: Afford Marine’s programmers found the system easy to learn because it is very user-friendly and is similar to the development platform the team had previously used. Afford Marine selected EIM3.1, IOM3.2, IOM3.3, and IOM3.4 modules for the AMC 300; once again, using the DEIF solution made system design easy.

“It was easy to do the setup,” remarks Vijay Naik. “We used the modules for the main engine control and safety systems, and for various parameter data.” He adds that it was easy to set up the AGI 410 user interface to communicate with 3rd party equipment as per customer requirements, and to create multiple pop-ups and interfaces.

The entire process went smoothly, and when Afford Marine needed technical and commercial support, DEIF’s Mumbai team were ready to deliver.


Peace of mind with robust and reliable performance

The upgraded alarm monitoring system is now ready to give the customer peace of mind with robust and reliable performance, in line with Afford Marine’s ambition to provide best-fit product and service solutions to its growing customer base.

While the DEIF AMC 300 and AGI 410 may not have been the company’s initial choice of product, the upgrade process has convinced Vijay Naik and his colleagues that DEIF can be a valuable partner for Afford Marine. “I could see myself working with DEIF again on future projects,” he concludes.


AMC 300: robust PLC performance

The PLC will operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 °C and in a relative humidity up to 97 % (condensing). It has superior bump, 50G shock, and vibration resistance properties, provides efficient protection against lightning impacts, and is immune to ESD bursts at a level conforming to international standards.

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