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Critical power designing for reliability

There is a reason why critical power systems are called “critical”, but how do you design a system that delivers dependable backup power when you need it to? Get solid recommendations, sound advice, and useful tips to help you steer clear of the pitfalls when installing or upgrading your critical power system.

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Battery hybrid power in marine applications

Battery hybrid power solutions can provide significant environmental and financial benefits on a wide range of vessels, but the sheer number of approaches and applications means that going hybrid is never just plug ’n’ sail. Discover what you should be aware of if you are considering a hybrid power solution.

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System redundancy is a design approach

Designing for redundancy is the only effective way of ensuring resilience in power systems. By providing a backup for every important component in the system, you eliminate single points of failure and keep your system running, even in adverse conditions. Get more details in this whitepaper and design for maximum uptime!

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Keep your emergency power systems fit!

Emergency power systems must always be ready to take over power, and transfer the load back when grid power returns. This is as simple as it sounds – when it works. Read more about the importance of regular maintenance and testing, and get a sample test schedule for emergency power control systems and gensets.

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Multi-Master Power Management Systems

A multi-master power management system provides uninterrupted control, and you can design one using distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC) – or a combination. Read more about the two controller types, and get useful design tips for applications where power failure is not an option.

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Retrofit solutions: a cost-effective wind farm optimisation option

You don’t need to replace any turbines to optimise your wind farm: Retrofit solutions can improve performance and availability, lower O&M costs, extend service life, and give you independence of the OEM plus full access to performance data. Get more details, and prepare to boost green energy and shareholder value.

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Start saving fuel on your ship now!

Through a holistic energy management approach, you can realise significant fuel savings for vessels of all types and sizes without sacrificing operational safety and efficiency. The technologies needed are already available; discover what you can achieve by optimising onboard systems – and the actions of your crews.

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Safer shipping with segregated power management

There are several key benefits in keeping your ship’s power management system (PMS) separate from its automation system – especially for vessels with complex or high-powered systems. Discover how you can improve redundancy, safety, and flexibility when selecting a PMS, and why the need for advanced PMSes is growing.

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Achieving carbon neutrality with hybrid eco-systems

Hybrid eco-systems can be used to reduce carbon emissions, achieve green operations, and simultaneously reach different operational targets. Discover what a hybrid eco-system is, get an explanation of important terms, and read more about the key factors in designing and operating a future-proof green power solution.

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