Controlador para painel fotovoltaico e baterias de armazenamento

Hybrid controllers

Our complete range of hybrid controllers helps you enjoy the benefits of hybrid power generation in a wide range of applications. You can design, run, and supervise greenfield hybrid power plants, or add hybrid capabilities to existing power plants using our controllers for brownfield applications including power rental.

Greenfield or brownfield?

  • In greenfield applications, you design a hybrid power plant with DEIF power/energy management systems (PMS/EMS) from the ground up. DEIF controllers allow you to design for a wide range of solutions with built-in features that ensure flexibility, scalability, reliability, and redundancy.
  • In brownfield applications, you integrate single DEIF hybrid controllers in existing power plants with 3rd party controllers or a pre-existing EMS/PMS, expanding the solution with a wide range of control options. You can also deploy them in standalone off-grid or mains parallel applications.

Hybrid capabilities in a wide range of applications

DEIF hybrid controllers handle all renewable power sources, from PV panels to wind turbines, as well as battery energy storage solutions (ESS). In addition, they can interface with mains and genset controllers, enabling you to combine a wide range of power sources in your hybrid power plant.

Compatible with all SCADA systems and a wide range of PV and ESS inverters and battery management systems, our controllers are suitable for smart energy control in many different off-grid or mains parallel applications such as micro grids and nano grids; commercial and industrial sites; and events such as concerts, festivals, or camps.

Key benefits of hybrid power

Hybrid power reduces emissions by maximising green energy penetration in your energy mix while ensuring reliable power. It improves the efficiency of diesel generators, helping you cut emissions and extend service life. And you can achieve hybrid profitability through lower operating costs, reduced mains power use, and lower fuel consumption.

Designed for scalability and compatibility

The ability to flexibly combine power sources makes hybrid power solutions both sustainable and reliable. DEIF control solutions add to this flexibility by facilitating quick system reconfiguration, letting you scale and redesign your solution as required. New controllers are onboarded automatically as soon as they are connected, including them in the energy management logic and helping you meet your business objectives.

In greenfield applications, DEIF hybrid controllers form complete energy management systems (EMS) or power management systems (PMS), ensuring reliability and resilience. In brownfield applications, they can be integrated in third-party EMS/PMS solutions or deployed on their own in standalone off-grid or mains parallel applications.

Working towards the Sustainability Goals – together

Hybrid power control solutions contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by reducing emissions and pollution from power generating equipment. This is our home turf at DEIF, and we are always ready to work with partners, bringing our expertise and experience to the table to help develop green solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

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