Brownfield hybrid controllers

DEIF hybrid controllers for brownfield applications help you add hybrid capabilities to an existing commercial or industrial plant, for example by adding a rooftop solar panel or a battery energy storage system (ESS) to your mains-powered or genset-powered plant. You can also use them for standalone hybrid power solutions such as off-grid or rental applications.

Fuel saver capability

Adding PV panels or a battery ESS to an existing power plant provides several benefits. Solar power reduces your dependency on grid or genset power, lowering grid power cost and genset fuel consumption, while ESS solutions provide many different options for maximising efficiency and lowering cost through strategies such as spinning reserve and peak shaving. Both PV panels and ESS solutions can reduce emissions from your site, lowering your carbon footprint.

Industry-standard integration

All our hybrid controllers offer a user-friendly interface that simplifies system setup and integration. Compatible with a wide range of third-party controllers, SCADA systems, and inverters, the DEIF ASC-4 Solar and ASC-4 Battery controllers can easily be integrated in any sustainable brownfield application, allowing you to add hybrid capability to your existing plant. The ASC-4 Battery is also well suited for use as a standalone controller for a single ESS in rental applications. And the DEIF AGC-150 Hybrid gives you all-in-one control of a single genset, a mains connection, and a PV panel.

Well suited for rental applications

DEIF brownfield hybrid power controllers are very well suited for rental applications of any size. The simple setup makes it easy to add a solar or storage controller in combination with a genset or mains connection. For example, you can use it to control rental assets that combine several gensets and battery energy storage systems in a flexible package that delivers the required power with fewer emissions and zero noise pollution.

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