Ground-breaking solution in hybrid

Slashing operation costs, maintenance & emissions

Sharing load between groups

Working with India’s largest integrated solar company, DEIF India recently commissioned a 3.6 MW project with DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controller, ASC Plant Management: a groundbreaking solution for systems with utility, diesel and solar power sources.

The end customer wanted to use solar power even in the absence of utility supply. Backup power was delivered by diesel gensets and the solar systems were to be designed to supply power along with the diesel gensets, sharing the load between the two groups.

An inappropriate design could cause burning of excess diesel by the genset, while a varying load could cause an inadvertent reverse power in the genset.

The ultimate goal of the solution was to enable the customer to share the load between the solar PV group and the diesel genset with or without presence of utility power with maximum solar penetration, thus maximising savings even during utility failure.

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