GProteção da rede

Normally, a controller platform requires a new designed controller system and a fitted relay to protect the connection to the grid. DEIF Wind Power Technology has with resources in UK managed to integrate all the vital functions into one complete Grid Protection Module (GPM5·1) to fit into the AWC 500.

Component specific information

The AWC 500 can also be used simply as a standalone grid protection module. For example, where G59/3 demands needs to comply with existing installations. As a standalone solution, the AWC 500 can either be part of another EtherCAT based system; offering easy supervision; or it can be integrated into other systems using Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, CANopen, DNP3 or other relevant protocols (on request).

Furthermore, our integration íncludes a fully automated G59/3 Type Verification test including documentation as specified by the standard.