Data centers

Our world is becoming increasingly digital and connected. Every day, data centers are the backbone of online financial transactions, trade, and information exchanges all over the world – and the growth of the data center business is explosive, with data center traffic clocking in at an estimated 3.3 zettabytes in 2021, nearly 127 times more than in 2005.

To keep important transactions running in this fast-growing business and an increasingly digital world, a highly reliable infrastructure is required. A power management system is a critical part of operating a data center, and emergency power systems with gas or diesel generators provide crucial backup power.

Trusted partner for newbuild and retrofit projects

We have the capabilities and experience to support you on newbuild and retrofit data centre projects based on our decades of experience in generator control and power management systems. We have provided tier-compliant power management solutions for numerous data centres, and our extensive knowledge, product portfolio, and proven processes have made us a trusted partner to a long list of data centre owners and operators. Our solutions are performing to complete satisfaction in leading data centres complying with requirements up to Tier 4.

  • For newbuild projects, we work with you to develop a scalable, flexible, and highly reliable control architecture from the ground up. We help you define your requirements, design and verify a solid architecture that will fulfil those requirements, and install, test, and commission a complete solution with the required controllers and other devices.

  • For retrofit projects, we help you identify and address any shortcomings or potential improvements of your current solution. We then work with you to define a roadmap for upgrading your current setup with expert design and state-of-the-art devices – at your own pace so you get improved reliability, performance, and scalability without unplanned downtime.

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A comprehensive solution

Our solutions are based on powerful, flexible controllers like the AGC-4 Mk II, the iE 250, the GPC 300, PLCs such as the AMC 600 and protection relays like MVR-200. They provide the building blocks you need to design and deploy power management systems with any level of complexity – including double busbar architectures. And they interface seamlessly with sustainable controllers like the ASC-4 Solar and ASC-4 Battery, helping you combine reliability with sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of your site.

Long list of benefits

You get many benefits with a DEIF-based solution, including a high level of redundancy, back-up power within 6 seconds, and seamless integration with data centre management systems. You can easily configure and reconfigure our controllers using emulation tools and built-in customised control logic, making them the reliable and natural choice for genset packagers and system integrators working on data centre projects.

Accredited support specialists

We have Uptime Institute accredited Tier Designers (ATD) and Tier Specialists (ATS) who can provide valuable inputs to designers and system builders to make your system tier compliant. With a strong global presence with subsidiaries in 16 locations and 40 qualified channel partners, DEIF can be your global partner for delivering and supporting control solutions for data centres.

Leading the way in critical power expertise

If you are engineering mission-critical facilities like hospitals and data centres, you know that redundancy is the key to ensuring available power in all situations. Our critical power experts assist engineers all over the world in designing double-redundant and power-efficient power management systems.

Norwegian data centre combines scalability and reliability with DEIF

A user-friendly and robust power management system based on DEIF AGC-4 and ALC-4 controllers is helping the Lefdal Mine Datacenter in Norway offer flexible and reliable services for a string of demanding international customers. “The DEIF controllers are the heart of our data centre control”, says the satisfied Technical Manager.

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