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We offer a complete range of products and services that allow you to run your genset rental business flexibly and efficiently, and with maximum safety and reliability. From genset setup and control to equipment maintenance and remote monitoring, our products help you in all phases of your rental operation. Click the green buttoms on the overview picture to learn more about our offerings.

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Insight remote monitoring

The Insight remote monitoring service gives you instant access to data from all units, no matter where they are – or where you are.

DVC 550 

The DVC 550 digital voltage controller is a digital voltage regulator which monitors and regulates the alternator output and includes several protection features. Our customers are excited about the DVC 550 and its features.
Explore how Atlas Copco rental gensets got more flexible with the DVC 550.

AGC-4 Mk II 

The AGC-4 Mk II advanced genset controller provides cutting-edge genset control and power management. Despite its advanced features, it is very easy to set up and use.

TDU 107 

The TDU 107 touchscreen display unit provides user-friendly touch screen control, visualisations, and graphical overviews that are easily readable – even at sharp angles. Check out the display in this short video.



The RMB remote management box facilitates safe equipment maintenance by taking over the load and resynchronising gensets after maintenance. It supports systems with up to 32 gensets.


The EasyConnect feature automatically detects and aligns all gensets, allowing operators to set up entire plants with a few simple clicks. Watch the video and see EasyConnect in action at a Danish music festival.

Flexibility and quick setup

You can quickly set up the DEIF controllers for different types of rental applications. When you have stored your settings, you can change setup by pressing a button. No need to set dip switches or worry about adjusting controllers one by one – the DEIF system takes care of everything, allowing you to run gensets in different applications without losing time on setup.

Plug and play simplicity

The plug and play DEIF controllers eliminate the need for wiring, and you don’t need to change controllers when changing applications. The same rental equipment can be used for many different applications, and with password protection and locks, installation is so safe and simple that you can trust your driver to set up the equipment.

Extensive knowhow and application experience

As one of the world’s biggest suppliers of control systems for the rental genset market, we have the knowhow and application experience to support you in selecting, designing, and implementing solutions that help you run an efficient rental fleet at any scale – from local to global. We ensure that your projects hit the ground running so you can maximise efficiency and turnover.

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