Upgrading and enabling rental customers

DEIF’s user-friendly solution strengthens business cases

Moving forward

When Energyst Cat® Rental Power decided to upgrade 12 rental gensets, DEIF’s role was crucial to the project’s success according to Tactical Application Manager, Joost van Driel.

»DEIF’s thorough understanding of the rental market and various applications was extremely useful to us«, the senior manager acknowledges.

»Their knowledge, combined with the technology of the AGC-4 and the RMB, has enabled us to really move forward«, he says.

Mr Van Driel oversaw the entire modernisation process of the 12 rental gensets. In his expert opinion, the units have become much easier to operate since the upgrade, including for customers who can now operate their rental units without assistance from Energyst’s engineers.

Using the push-buttons next to the display on the AGC-4 unit, even relatively inexperienced operators can add and remove gensets according to preference.


Is a CAT Rental Company for power generation and temperature control.

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