Thyristor controller replacement for m1500 and m1600 turbines

Retrofit M1500 / M1600 stall regulated wind turbines 

Many stall regulated turbines are 15-20 years old resulting in the original controller spare parts are more expensive and difficult to repair for sustaining quality. Old Thyristor Control technology can be replaced with modern compatible control solution for softer and improved grid connection in just a few hours.

A modern solution to retrofit stall regulated turbines Thyristor Controller takes point of departure in a case in Denmark for retrofitting M1500 and M1600 wind turbines with older Thyristor controllers that were damaging the gearbox and drivetrain. Instead, a modern solution has been installed for optimal current control with a soft grid connection.

The primary function of the Thyristor Control Module is to protect the turbine generator when connecting to the grid. During a start-up, the turbine reaches the nominal speed for starting power production. The critical point is when the generator gets synchronised with the grid enabling the turbine controller to select the correct time for closing the contactor for full connection of the generator.

Since 2007, DEIF’s TCM-2 has been installed in many older turbines instead of the original hyristor Control Module. The owner recognized the improved operation of his turbines. DEIF assisted with the installation and parametrization of the Thyristor module of the M1500 and M1600 wind turbines. The benefits for the owner are; reduced maintenance cost. Before the M1500 turbines' were retrofitted with DEIF’s Thyristor Controller the owner had already replaced the turbines’ gearboxes twice within 5-6 years. Since the turbine retrofit solution was integrated (in 2007), the turbines have been running with the same gearbox.

Solution package

  • Thyristor Controller (TCM-2)
  • Installation instruction
  • Connection drawing
  • Support


  • Save time and money on old spare parts
  • Thyristor Control module includes 5 years warranty
  • New control features giving less downtime
  • Less stress on the drivetrain
  • Very fast one-to-one replacement in just a few hours 
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