Retrofit 100 MW for Yangmeishan wind park

Advanced control system solution for MD77 turbines

Yangmeishan 100 MW wind park exists in 2400-2800 m altitude in China’s Yunnan province. The wind park consists of 66 MD77 turbines, upgraded with DEIF’s advanced control system solution to increase the power production by up to 4 %. An entire retrofit kit has been customised for the turbine type. What is crucial for this upgrade is to tailor a control solution that could pass the LVRT criteria for China.

Control system upgrade for LVRT acceptance in China

The 66 turbines at Yangmeishan wind park had only reached their 5th year when the turbines started showing a low power curve and performing poorly. This challenge was costing the park owner too much money and time spent on constant repairs. The turbines’ existing control strategy was outdated and not supporting China’s new LVRT and grid code requirements. With a proven track record and advanced technology, DEIF Wind Power Technology was selected as technology partner and solution supplier in a tender process among suppliers. In close collaboration with the customer, the entire upgrade was carried out.To secure the best applicable retrofit solution for the MD77 turbines, DEIF was involved as collaboration partner from the beginning, securing a thorough evaluation and subsequently to carry out a flawless commissioning. This approach is second to none securing availability and optimal power production of the turbines.

One key factor for integrating green power in the power grid in China is to control the power fast and adequate. The wind park was not equipped with a park control system. Therefore, DEIF’s park control technology (WPPM) was added to the upgrade, today constituting a completely modernised wind park for the owner. Imagine the park as effective and modern as a brand new wind park.

What is included in the retrofit package for the MD77 turbine?

A shortest possible downtime was a crucial part of the upgrade. Therefore, the solution is optimised so that most of the work could be done as a replacement kit and as a result minimising the time the turbine needed to be stopped. We can upgrade three turbines, on a good day.

The criteria stated by the owner was to install technology, which was advanced enough to pass the LVRT test in China. Furthermore, the owner needed full control of his park to produce optimal power according to the grid code demands. With this demand, we have customised and installed a retrofit package which includes the following solution:

DEIF advanced controller, AWC 500, incl. graphical user interface for easy manageability

  • Park Control technology
  • SCADA surveillance
  • On-site training and support
  • Commissioning

We are proud to be part of upgrading these wind parks. This park is at least secured to run for another 20 years delivering by up to 4% more power. With an adequate and fast power control, the accumulated green power produced will sum up to an important and significant value, financially as well as for the environment. This is our as well as the owners’ target.


Pitch control, turbine control or retrofit?

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