DEIF US Customer webinar Emulation

Did you miss out on our webinar on Emulation? Well, you’re in luck. We recorded everything for your convenience!

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About the webinar

Test your application at your desk before going onsite, making sure the power management control system is working as intended.

Participants will know how to create their own plant in emulation and simulate plant specific features in the Utility software.


  •  Requirement for emulation setup
  •  Application setup with emulation
  •  Multiple mains & generator application (PMS testing)
  •  Fast start up (Close before excitation) 
  •  Simulation of failure scenarios, IO’s, Load etc.

Presenter name and description

Rahul Patel is a service and support engineer working at DEIF Inc for more than 2 years. He is an experienced controls and automation engineer responsible for providing reliable power management solution to customers in both land and marine segment. 

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