Offshore support and specialised vessels

From gas fields, aquaculture, and wind farms to cable laying and oceanographic research, support and specialised vessels play an important role. Very often, they are also expected to contribute to the green transition, and to do so they need solutions that reduce emissions while delivering safe, secure, and reliable performance.

No matter if you design, build, or operate such ships, DEIF devices can help you achieve these targets. We can help you grow your business and work towards more sustainable operations – and it all starts with our full range of marine-approved devices for control, monitoring, and protection on any offshore support or specialised vessel.

Check out the application examples below to see some of the possibilities you get with DEIF expertise and devices.

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Complete range of devices

DEIF provides all the control, protection, and monitoring devices you need. Our controllers handle all power generation and storage assets on board your ship, from engines and generators to batteries, and they help you integrate shore power connections to lower emissions while in port. In addition, we provide a full range of bridge and switchboard instrumentation, wind systems, relays, engine shutdown units, rudder systems, navigational instruments, and energy management systems.

Class approved to deliver E27 compliant cybersecurity

DEIF devices come with a range of features that help you ensure cyber resilience of on-board systems and equipment. For example, all our controllers are subjected to network storm tests, proving their ability to handle high network loads. And the next generation of DEIF controllers like the iE 250 Marine comply with the revised E27 unified requirement from the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) which apply from 1 July 2024.

Carefully engineered solutions

Need something that our standard products will not do? Contact us! In addition to off-the-shelf control and protection devices, we offer carefully engineered solutions that can be customised to virtually any operating scenario or application. Whether you are looking for uninterrupted control, efficiency improvements, cyber-security, or fuel savings, we design an integrated solution which is based on your exact requirements and complies with relevant standards such as DP2, DP3, or IACS UR E27.

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Significant savings and happy crews

When the Seven Viking needed an upgrade to incorporate battery storage, a user-friendly DEIF solution enabled the owner, shipping company Eidesvik, to save fuel and reduce emissions.

“It has been a pleasure working with DEIF, and we now have a well-functioning solution for a complex installation,” says Alf Magne Simonsen of Eidesvik.

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