Every day, people and products are getting safely and efficiently from point A to point B thanks to thousands of air traffic control towers, toll booths, traffic lights, ferry terminals, and other critical infrastructure installations. But they can only do so as long as there is power available.

Blackouts are simply not an option. To keep supply chains working, safeguard passengers, and avoid congestion, you need to ensure that essential systems do not fail in key infrastructure facilities with a reliable critical power system.

Keep the wheels turning

DEIF can help you design a turnkey solution that keeps traffic moving

Check out the application examples below to see some of the possibilities you get with DEIF expertise and devices.

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Control any power source in any infrastructure application

For any infrastructure application, you can use DEIF devices to design a critical power control solution that provides full redundancy, non-stop control, and efficient load management. You can use distributed control systems like the AGC-4 Mk II or iE 250 and PLC systems like the AMC 600) – and you can combine any power source in a hybrid solution, from mains and gensets to solar panels and batteries, and easily scale your solution as needed.

Wide range of benefits

Critical power solutions can provide other benefits in addition to uninterrupted, safe operation: You can make your generation equipment available to your local utility company and provide ancillary services; you can reduce carbon emissions by integrating renewable power sources; and you can reduce operating costs by using battery storage to reduce peak loads and capacity charge rates. DEIF devices enable you to design a control solution that helps you reach these and other targets.

One knowledgeable supplier

When you work with DEIF, you only need to deal with one supplier that can handle all tasks in relation to your project. We cover everything from building management system (BMS) integration to generator selection for newbuild and retrofit projects. Most importantly, we help you keep your systems running round the clock. We can provide a complete, integrated control solution for any application that draws on our decades of know-how, and we follow up with global support.

01 Jumbotron Port Of Dover

Power management at the port of Dover

The port of Dover is Great Britain’s gateway to Europe and is recognised as one of the busiest passenger ferry ports in the world. A secure power supply for this major transport hub is essential, and when the port authorities decided to upgrade the existing generation system, they decided to use DEIF controllers.

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