Fuel cells

One way of ensuring succesful integration of new energy sources and technologies is to offer a plug-and-play solution where the end user experience is not drastically changed. Fuel cell solutions not only need to be clean and safe; they also need to be user-friendly to ensure successful adoption.

The answer is to design control solutions that are easy to use, even for end users who are accustomed to other energy sources. DEIF devices give you that user friendliness, optimised control and integration features, and the robustness and scalability you need to deploy net-zero fuel cell solutions that evolve with your requirements, minimise your carbon footprint, and speed up the energy transition.

Five good reasons for working with DEIF

  • Full range of controllers (including the AGC-4 Mk II, AMC 600, and iE 250) that enable full control of your fuel cells and enable integration with other energy sources
  • Easy integration with existing assets and existing controllers, ensuring speedy extension or adaptation of your existing fleet
  • Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, for example on power management and hybrid microgrids
  • Short lead times and timely delivery thanks to proactive procurement and strong logistics setup
  • Global presence providing application support and expert consultancy on all continents

Flexible control options

DEIF controllers provide all the features you need to control your fuel cells efficiently. You can use our AGC-4 Mk II to interface with your fuel cell’s control unit, or you can develop customised control logic to control your fuel cell directly with our AMC 600 PLC. And our iE 250 controller combines built-in factory logic with a customisable PLC, giving you the best of both worlds.

Our controllers can be configured or programmed to handle a wide range of control strategies and priorities to ensure uninterrupted power, for example in prime power, peak shaving, and backup power applications, on land and on ships and offshore rigs.

Integration with other energy sources

Our decades of experience in power and energy management help you develop integrated control solutions for land and marine applications. With our devices, you can integrate fuel cells in new or existing power solutions, interfacing with renewables, battery storage systems, engines and generators, and the grid. You can use them in a wide range of applications on land and at sea, including power rental, ship propulsion, offshore rig power, microgrids, and hybrid power plants.

You can design PMS/EMS solutions for land and marine applications with individual fuel cells or entire arrays. Our controllers can be configured for any fuel cell running on hydrogen, ammonia, or other fuels, and our controllers give you the flexibility to scale and reconfigure your solutions quickly and easily as your requirements change. You can even program DEIF PLCs for use as safety PLCs or for monitoring sensors, maximising onsite safety.

Ensuring easy adoption with a user-friendly UI

Some end users will be more likely to adopt and use fuel cells if doing so is not harder than controlling a generator. DEIF offers flexible and highly configurable user interfaces like the AGI 400 series that give your end users the information and control options they need, no matter if they need to control a single fuel cell or a hybrid power plant with a combination of energy sources. By offering a user-friendly interface, you remove an important obstacle to fast adoption.

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