SGC 421

Single genset controller

The SGC 421 controller is designed for AMF (automatic mains failure) applications and offers electronic governing plus features such as advanced battery charge management and temperature monitoring.

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SGC 421 (2)
SGC 421 (Left 01)
SGC 421 (Left 02)
SGC 421 (Right 01)
SGC 421 (Right 02)
SGC 421 (2)
SGC 421 (Left 01)
SGC 421 (Left 02)
SGC 421 (Right 01)
SGC 421 (Right 02)

The SGC 421 controller contains all the functions you need to protect and control a genset, a genset breaker, and a mains breaker. It is capable of monitoring a site battery to reduce fuel consumption, and it can monitor shelter temperature and several engine and alternator parameters. You can start and stop gensets remotely, and the SGC 421 is suitable for a wide range of applications including AMF (automatic mains failure), site battery monitoring, engine drive, and island (off-grid) mode.

Electronic governing feature

The SGC 421 includes electronic governing for engines with mechanical fuel systems. With a rotary actuator as add-on for air/fuel charge control, you can use the SGC 421 for electronic governing of the engine within ISO 8528 class G3 limits.

Several measurement functions

The controller allows you to measure 1-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase, and split-phase voltage, frequency, load current, and power factor, engine safety parameters such as engine temperature, oil pressure, and fuel level, fuel theft protection, and the engine battery. In addition, it can measure site battery backup voltage and shelter temperature to reduce fuel consumption. It features CAN bus and Modbus communication plus nine configurable inputs, eight analogue inputs, and seven configurable digital outputs.

User-friendly display

You can configure parameters from a PC using the DEIF Smart Connect utility software, or from the unit’s user-friendly, full graphics LCD display. The backlit display can show values and alarms in several languages including English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Deep sleep extends battery life

The SGC 421 has a practical deep sleep function that extends the battery life by suspending normal controller functions when the genset is off.

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