PPU 300

The robust and reliable PPU 300 is a versatile controller with built-in load sharing and synchronisation features that can be used for a wide range of marine and offshore applications. Its extensive range of protection, supervision, and control functions, including market-leading fuel optimisation technology, makes it suitable for diesel generator control and protection, shaft generators, battery energy storage (hybrid), shore connections, and bus tie breakers. The PPU 300 can be used in a power management solution where the power management logic is located in an external PLC or similar. For a complete list of approvals and certifications, see the Documentation tab.

Busbar section control and load sharing

The PPU 300 is designed to handle busbar sections with ease. The standard controller variant can be configured to control a bus tie breaker, and up to 32 controllers can be connected over a DEIF network to carry out load sharing for the entire busbar or individual sections. This allows you to design a flexible power solution, and power sources such as generators can be run efficiently, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

PPU 300 variants

The PPU 300 controller comes in the following variants. Each variant can be further customised to your application by selecting the required modules and configuring the controller software; for more information, see below.

Customisable architecture

All PPU 300 variants can be specified with 4 or 7 I/O module slots. The modules provide voltage and current measurement, I/O, engine control, governor and AVR functions, and communication. Three modules are mandatory, but you can use the remaining 1 or 4 slots to customise the controller by adding modules or leave them empty. For a full list of modules, see the Modules tab. For lists of recommended modules, see the variant descriptions.

Unique ANSI 87G differential protection

With the ACM3.2 module, you can add ANSI 87G differential protection for generators. The module measures phase currents on the consumer and neutral sides of a generator in order to detect phase-to-phase faults or phase-to-earth faults in earthed generator systems. With this unique feature, you can design reliable and safe power systems without external differential protection devices.

Extensive expansion options

You can add up to 9 expansion racks to a single PPU 300 to get up to 58 free module slots (up to 4 in the base rack and up to 6 in each expansion rack). You can connect up to 32 controllers on a DEIF network. Modules can easily be added or replaced in the field, and new modules are automatically recognised by the controller.

Choice of CustomLogic or CODESYS control

You can quickly configure your PPU 300 using our free PICUS PC software utility which includes the user-friendly CustomLogic tool. The software allows you to carry out complex plant designs, for example applications with several busbars or multiple ring connections, and you can easily access design documentation and carry out commissioning. If CustomLogic is not sufficient, you can get a PPU 300 with a full CODESYS PLC environment, giving you more control and communication options.

Easy system integration with Flexible Modbus

The built-in Flexible Modbus functionality of the PPU 300 allows you to customise its Modbus addresses to match your master controller configuration. Using PICUS, you can easily duplicate the default Modbus table of your PPU 300 and edit or move the functions located at given addresses, making it much easier to install the PPU 300 in an existing system.

User-friendly 5” colour display

The 5” colour graphic display has intuitive sequences and icons for fast readout of live data. You have easy access to alarm handling and controller setup, and functionality is defined and targeted according to user permission levels.