Remote monitoring

Customisable dashboards

With a wide range of data visualisation options, you’ll be able to customise the DEIF Insight dashboards to your needs and afterwards monitor your equipment remotely.

Easy setup

Simply connect your equipment, then set up the communication parameters (tags) and notifications in three simple steps. If necessary, you can even control who has access and customise permissions based on your requirement.

Cloud data management

The cloud runs event-based logging, meaning it only stores data when changes occur. The data is stored securely in the cloud.

Remote Monitoring (1)

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Remote Monitoring


DEIF’s Data Acquisition Unit (FX-30) is the gateway part of the Insight data management platform for equipment in the field. Using the FX-30 requires you to access DEIF's Insight Remote Monitoring Service.

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SGC 120 Mk II


Compatible with a wide range of engines, the SGC 120 Mk II offers flexible genset and breaker control with extensive configuration options including live data supervision and PLC logic customisation.

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Insight 20Pct

Insight is a responsive remote monitoring service using advanced and secure cloud data management. Get instant access to data from all units, no matter where they are - or where you are.

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Short lead times and timely delivery

Our extensive manufacturing capacity allows us to meet any volume demand – regardless of geographical destination. We work hard to make sure our customers receive orders as quickly as possible, and we ship standard products in less than 7 days.

We manufacture all our products in-house at our Danish HQ in Skive to ensure we continue to meet demand and reduce customer lead times. So if you are struggling to get hold of control products through your usual supply channels, there has never been a better time to talk to DEIF.

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