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The main changes implemented since the last version are as follows:

PM compatibility: 1.24.1


  • Freeze regulation during FRT now working correctly.
Ver. Date Description



PM compatibility: 1.24.1


  • Freeze regulation during FRT now working correctly.



PM compatibility: 1.24.1.

New features:

  • Two new General Purpose PID´s (GP-PID) 5 and 6 are added. Also added new parameters for all GPIDs (1 to 6) to configure the regulator set point.
  • Support of 3 x 2 A/Os on IOM 220/IOM 230 for GP-PID 1 to 6 is added.
  • Support for John Deere Stage V EIC protocol is added.


  • TCP/IP security update.


  • Limit events are added in M-Logic for Extended M-Logic Alarms.
  • "Fuel optimization" and "Fuel optimization + running hours" is now working when using percent values.
  • TDU is now able to change to BLOCK mode (requires TDU version
  • Short circuit supervision (option T1) now includes PV and battery units connected (requires ASC-4 version 4.17.0).
  • EIC transmission rate stability is improved.
  • Default IP address is changed from to to match the TDU default address.



PM compatibility: 1.23.0


  • Plant management Group Tie redundancy is improved in AUTO and ISLAND plants to secure groups without a start signal to start and stop properly when in need of a redundant unit.
  • Corrected the text for IP, subnet, gateway.
  • Corrected that alarm and battery logs where not shown correctly when the number of entries reached maximum.



PM compatibility: 1.23.0.

New features:

  • Support for FPT + Iveco Stage V EIC protocol is added.
  • Four new M-Logic alarms with extended delay are added in menu 3620-3650.
  • VDE 4110 support with MAINS unit in power management is added.
  • Event log entry is added when application setup changes.
  • Support of DVC 550 PSS is added.
  • New GOV and AVR step test are added in parameter group #2970.


  • CIO alarms are added to Modbus.
  • Minimum set-point is lowered to 10% for low AC voltage alarms.


  • QSK60G EIC auto view is showing correct values.
  • DVC 550/D550 communication when EIC and Ext. Modules DEIF protocols were selected on two CAN ports is corrected.



PM compatibility: 1.22.0.


  • The 4-20 mA output of the option EF5 analogue card now works again.
  • Power factor set point on Modbus is now correctly initialized after a power-up.



PM compatibility: 1.22.0.


  • Corrected an issue that caused a mains controller to not be able control the PF setpoint (superior cos phi) on genset controllers.
  • N+X now works when Fuel optimisation is in use.
  • Priority update now works when more than 16 gensets or more than 16 mains are present in a plant configuration.
  • PMS priority data is correct maintained internally in all genset controllers.
  • Breaker feedbacks are properly updated on the I/O status and the I/O setup page.



PM compatibility: 1.22.0.

New features:

  •    Added support for Yuchai Diesel+Gas J1939 protocols.
  •    Addded support for Weichai Diesel+Gas J1939 protocols.
  •    Added support for MAN J1939 protocol.



PM compatibility: 1.22.0.

   - Initial release.

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