Multi-line 2 AGC 100 Application Software series 4.xx

Multi-line 2 AGC 100 Application Software series 4.xx

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1- Corrected a bug that caused Beckhoff digital outputs to flicker.
2- Corrected a bug that prevented multi-inputs configured as binary inputs and Beckhoff digital inputs from being used with virtual inputs.
3- Support of checksum in TSC1 telegram added for Volvo-Penta EMS 2.



1- Corrected a bug that caused Beckhoff digital outputs to flicker.
2- Corrected a bug that prevented multi-inputs configured as binary inputs and Beckhoff digital inputs from being used with virtual inputs.
3- Support of checksum in TSC1 telegram added for Volvo-Penta EMS 2.



1- Sleep mode can no longer be disabled.
2- The sleep mode timer will now start running even though an unacknowledged alarm is present.

1- When a mains is instructed to switch to a DG supply, it first checks if there is an available DG supply before opening the MB.
2- Fixed issue with GSM modem communication.





  • Changed DM2 request to be independent on EIC source address



New features:

  • Parameter #6350 D+ input has been ported from GC-1F.


  • On AGC 111 and 110, the following fail-classes have been removed as they are not relevant: Trip GB, Trip MB, Safety Stop and Trip MB/GB




  • Sleep mode is now enabled by default. If any alarms are present, they have to be acknowledged for the display to turn off the backlight.


  • Running hours counter not saved.
  • Service timer reset stored correct for handling during power cycling.
  • The display will no longer reinitialize indefinitely on startup if the room temp. is very low.




  • Running hour counter could reset unintended at power cycle - corrected.



Revert of release...



New features:

  • Contrast offset added in parameter 9152.
  • Sleep mode implemented. Functionality can be found in parameter 9150.
  • PT 1000 sensors introduced in Multi Input 6 and Multi Input 7.
  • AOP-2 and External I/O now available on same CAN bus line at the same time. In this case, the CAN bus bit rate is locked to 50 kBits/s.
  • Reset of Service timers added as a command in M-Logic.
  • Fuel fill check slope set point in parameter 6557 introduced.
  • It is now possible to select threshold on the frequency used for running feedback in parameter 6165. Default is 32 Hz.
  • Double starter feature introduced in the AGC 100.
  • New Stop coil introduced in AGC 100 (Stop coil not active between start attempts).
  • Several events and limits added to M-Logic.
  • Added one additional battery low alarm (parameter 4950).
  • Inhibits can be set in battery low/high menu (parameter 4950/4960/4970).
  • Oil renewal feature introduced in AGC 100.
  • Pulse counters feature added in AGC 100.
  • I Thermal feature added in AGC 100.
  • Battery voltage column now available in every entry in the Log information in the DEIF Utility Software.
  • Added three freely translatable texts in the view lines.
  • General purpose PID regulators introduced in AGC 110.
  • Analogue output via IOM 200 (e.g. for speed control of pumps, engines, etc.) - only accessible if General purpose PID regulators are used.
  • New alarm for indicating communication error to the IOM 200 implemented in parameter 7576.
  • Added support of ADEC CANopen, shutdown override.
  • Added support for adding names on breakers, mains and DGs in Application Supervision.


  • Ground relay: Update of how the ground relay is activated; prioritising is now the power management priority number instead of the CAN bus ID.
  • Multi Inputs made linear in Application emulation.
  • Parameter ranges in parameters 1150 and 1160 extended.
  • Increased parameter 2112 maximum value.
  • Extended maximum limit in Start On time, parameter 6183. 
  • Hz/V Ok parameter 6821 minimum value now extended to zero.
  • Extended Fuel fill check timer (parameter 6553).
  • Made it possible to enable/disable Fuel fill check (parameter 6553).
  • Made it possible to use Auto acknowledge on Ext. Comm. Error parameter.
  • Start attempt maximum limits changed. Extended stop timer minimum limit changed.
  • Separate counters for standard starter attempts and double starter attempts added. Existing counter kept as total attempts.
  • Power Management selection on CAN B was not initiated correctly - corrected. Application Configuration is not setting up the unit’s CAN bus lines anymore. Select type of PM line in both the Application Configurations properties and in parameter 7840 as well.
  • Language translation changed. From now on it is not possible to select a different font. The two fonts is now merged together, and containing all previously used characters. New characters is added. If any unsupported signs are written to the device the signs will appear as ' ' (space).
  • Scaling range 1 kV - 75 kV changed to 0.4 kV - 75 kV.


  • The lower inhibit level for phase sequence error increased from 30 % to 70 % of nominal voltage.
  • Inverse over-current protection modified to better comply with IEC 60255 Part 151.
  • PT sensor offset parameters now corrected to compensate for the cable resistance.
  • AGC and MTU ADEC(SAM) communication not started during certain power supply situations - corrected. (Updated correction to avoid start request after communication has been reestablished).
  • When synchronising BTB to external/unknown voltage source, the DGs online would not always react according to synchronisation command sent from the BTB. No PM backward compatibility is compromised due to this update.
  • M-Logic command "Start and Close GB" was ignored during cool down.
  • SCANIA EMS2 correction of start/stop
  • Command timer now able to activate even though unit is powered up in the middle of the period.
  • Application configuration for AGC 145 now drawn without the tie breaker as default.
  • Access lock updated: While Access lock is activated, all the parameters and service information can be read.
  • Clock synchronise over Modbus was causing the Service timer to offset its current timer value - corrected.
  • Configuration of output relays corrected, so all functions can be connected to all available relays.
  • Selection of Multi Inputs for fuel pump logic corrected.
  • No status text was shown when a GB was closed unexpectedly on a black busbar.
  • LTO sequence could not be completed on a healthy mains in case another mains was performing auto switch to it, as the auto switch prevented the MB from opening. No PM backward compatibility is compromised due to this correction.
  • When multiple mains are present in the application, changing plant mode from Semi to Auto during parallel operation (FP, MPE) could cause unexpected temporary power drop. No PM backward compatibility is compromised due to this correction.
  • Content of Modbus addresses 1500-1504 adjusted to fit documentation.
  • Fuel pump relay could activate at power-up of the controller before fuel level measurement has settled.
  • Parameters 1201 + 1202 are now modified if a switch in AC configuration happens.
  • Several Modbus (option H2) addresses were not working - corrected.
  • Possibility of power-dependent Q alarm malfunction - corrected.
  • Mix-up in whether phase/neutral or phase/phase measuring used for detection corrected.
  • Under AMF applications where a second mains fail occurs with at least one DG running, the remaining DGs are now started with a multi start.
  • Under AMF applications where a second mains fail occurs with at least one DG running and power cap overrule enabled, the timer is now reset (started over again) when DGs are ready and synchronised.
  • Relay setting error could occur each time the unit starts up - corrected.
  • MTU MDEC 302/303 protocols battery voltage measurement corrected.
  • Idle run timer now resets at each start attempt.
  • AMF sequence was incorrect in some cases.
  • TB could open unwantedly when switching from AMF to LTO
  • Start enable was required to be energised, if used, to activate the breakers - corrected.
  • AGC Mains MB opens unwantedly - corrected.
  • External I/O alarm could not be removed in some cases - corrected.
  • Parameter 3410 relay A setup corrected, so display shows correct value.
  • When LTO is activated with no Sync to mains, a delay is added to ensure that multimains status has been evaluated, before it is determined if MB should open.
  • After MTU has released an new software for the SMART CONNECT module, the alarm "AL Speed Demand Failure" was always present due to a change in timeout changed rom ~40m[s] ==> ~10m[s]
  • Multimains MB fail control of 'Start engine' selection now used in AMF sequences.
  • It is now possible to use the Test button in AGC 110, AGC 111. Parameter 7000 group (Mains setup) has been renamed in all variants.
  • The reactive power was wrong when the phase rotation is L1L3L2 - corrected.
  • If an LTO sequence was initiated while an autoswitch was active, an MB could end up opening and closing in endless loop - corrected.
  • View lines: Run absolute and Energy total corrected.
  • Nominal RPM now available to configure in AGC 110.
  • Hz/V failure group 4560 is removed in AGC 110.
  • Attempting to stop during idle at start, would ramp the engine to full speed and keep running, if the running detection speed had been reached during idle run - corrected.
  • When a BTB was becoming present on the PM CAN line the generators could start up accidentally (and then close again without any other problems) - corrected.
  • MB was able to open even though it was excluded from the LTO sequence - corrected.
  • In LTO, if the TB was tripped by the TB Trip failclass the MB was not able to close in all situations - corrected.
  • Running hour counter could reset unintended - corrected.




  • Three RMI sensor curves added. One for each RMI type. It will be possible to choose them in Channel 10460, 10630 and 10800 by selecting "Sensor type 4" in the DEIF Multi-line 2 Utility Software v.3.


  • Application emulation couldn't start properly with breaker and engine commands selected as inactive.
  • Day of week is not adjusted when the date is changed.
  • AGC 110: Controller status text "DG BLOCKED FOR START" now corrected to "BLOCKED FOR START" in both the firmware as well as in the DEIF Multi-line 2 Utility Software v.3.
  • Several menu texts were not translatable. Logs are stored in the active language



  • M-Logic line combination misinterpretation corrected.
  • An error occurred while saving parameters in AGC 110 and AGC 111. Error removed




  • Measurement through the MPU input caused periodical peaks in the RPM measurement, which could cause an unwanted trip of the generator breaker.
  • Change of AC scale caused several energy counter views to be displayed with wrong decimal point and unit.
  • Missing update of fuel consumption in USW supervision is corrected.

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