PLC Link code generation

Translate turbine control strategy with PLC Link and eliminate errors

DEIF PLC Link is a tool for translating wind turbine control stategies. Based on an extremely fast automated process, PLC Link is an absolutely flawless code for turbine control strategy. 

Generate a flawless IEC 61131 compliant code for efficient turbine control

PLC Link is an engineering tool for translation of the modeled application software into CodeSys IEC6113-compliant code that can be executed on a wind turbine controller as a standard PLC - such as DEIF's AWC 500 controller. PLC Link is based on an automated process, extremely fast and stable due to an exact code generation, which eliminates the risk of "human" errors. PLC Link is an absolutely flawlees code for wind turbine control strategy.

Test and simulation

PLC Link provides connectivity between the PLC system and the Simulink model, allowing the PLC to communicate with the simulation.

Online monitoring

PLC Link offers access to the PLC system directly from Simulink or MATLAB. An included block-set allows for monitoring of variables logged by Simulink scope blocks. Online parameter tuning is available through the MATLAB command line.

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PLC Link

The article gives you expert advice on how to use PLC Link for turbine control

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