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With more than 4 billion travellers, the air transport industry plays a vital role in global mobility, and it shrinks the world. Even remote parts of countries are connected and included in the mainstream with the availability of affordable air travel. Airports are an essential part of air travel and estimates are that globally, there are more than 30,000 airports. 

The airport has many vital systems that depend on reliable power for functioning safely and efficiently. With a flight taking off and landing every minute and millions of passengers passing through, uninterrupted operation is essential. 

Over the years, DEIF has delivered solutions to emergency power systems for airports that have been performing in a demanding environment. With the reliable hardware platform tested for performance beyond the demands of the applicable standards and dependable software, DEIF’s solutions are a reliable choice for controlling fast back-up power systems. With airports striving to become greener by using renewables, DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Control ASC can help customers seamlessly integrate solar power and battery storage in the existing installations.   

Our competent engineers across the world can collaborate with designers and integrators to deliver the DEIF solution for airport projects. 

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