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The XDi Navigation version (XDi-N) is the top model of the XDi series of display-based indicators. Compact, easy-to-install, versatile and user-friendly, the complete range of XDi bridge indicators takes the well-known DEIF qualities in both product performance and logistic handling to a new level.

The ultimate all-in-one solution, the XDi-N saves you panel space and installation time, gives you greater choice, more flexibility and the ability to configure and make repairs on-site.

XDi-N main wind indicator

The XDi-N main indicator is delivered with one NX2 NMEA input/output (I/O) module that in most cases covers all the needs for NMEA I/O. Adding one extra NX2 extension module on the XDi 144 N or XDi 192 N adds another set of I/O ports.  

XDi-N wind repeater

The XDi-N wind repeater indicator has the same functions as the main unit, use exactly the same indicator library, but receives data via CAN bus (XDi-net), and therefore no NMEA extension module is required.

NMEA data interface

The standard input for XDi navigation indicators are NMEA data in compliance with IEC 61162-1. Supported NMEA data for wind indicators:

  • Relative wind speed and direction 
  • True and geographic true wind speed and direction 
  • Heading, water speed, speed over ground, longitudinal speed for true/geographic wind calculations



Extension modules

Main NX2

XDi-N Repeater

Extension modules

None required 

  • TFT graphical LED 3.5, 5 or 7" display
  • 96, 144 or 192 DIN cutouts
  • Two CAN ports for easy interfacing
  • XDi-Net – add multiple XDi indicators
  • Redundant power inputs
  • Compatible with wind sensors providing NMEA data (such as DEIF’s ultrasonic wind sensors)
  • Up to six NMEA compatible inputs
  • Up to four NMEA outputs
  • Relative, true & geographic wind indication
  • Toggle between up to four predefined indicator screens
  • Quick-switch between wind speed measuring units (knots, m/s or m/h, km/h, beaufort)
  • Dimmer controllable using front/external push-buttons, analogue, NMEA or CAN/XDi-net
  • Standard day and night designs
  • Customised indicator designs available on request
  • Optional analogue or digital input
  • Optional wind warning and alarms/relay output
  • Optional IP66 protection

XDI performance types

XDi series – introduction

Wind measuring at sea has changed

Combining DEIF’s wind indicators & wind sensors gives you precisely the solution you need.

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