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For C/C++ programming, DEIF Wind Power Technology has tailored an Eclipse-based development package and compiler tool chain. The environment gives easy access to additional facilities such as SVN access and debugging. The built-in “make target” function gives a one-click way of building and uploading the code to your target.

Contact DEIF( for access information for downloading via the AWC 500 FTP area.

The C/C++ package gives you all the advantages of a high quality and reliable application, and thanks to the open Linux* operating system your application can be refined even further. The development package is also compliant with DNV GL (Garrad Hassan’s) Control Algorithms.

DEIF Wind Power Technology can deliver basic C/C++ libraries for your wind turbine application which is easy to use and will boost your application development speed with proven DEIF application software blocks.


*Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

  • Open development environment
  • One-click target-built and upload
  • Debugging
  • DEIF HMI visualisation(option) 

The development package includes:

  • Eclipse
  • AWC 500 SDK
  • GNU C/C++ compiler
  • GNU gdb debugger

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