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The AWC 400 is only sold as a spare part for replacement. For new control solutions the AWC 400 is replaced by the AWC 500 in DEIF Wind Power Technology's product programme. The Advanced Wind Turbine Controller (AWC 500) is the latest controller and recommended instead of the AWC 400. The AWC 400 is only sold as a spare part replacement.

Check out the AWC 500

The heart of wind turbine main control systems and pitch systems from DEIF Wind Power Technology is the powerful AWC 500 wind turbine controller. Based on a modular rack concept, the AWC 500 provides compact, flexible and service-friendly solutions – right from simple plug-and-play rack modules to cabling fitted with pluggable connectors. AWC 500 is designed and constructed to meet the strict requirements for maritime use which exceed industrial norms by far. The maritime norms prescribe increased performance on several parameters such as EMC, vibration and shock resistance, temperature spanning, etc. For instance, the AWC 500 operates from -25 to +70Cº and can be stored from -40 to +70Cº. The durability of the construction is verified by HALT testing (Highly Accelerated Life Test) – the controller is designed for a lifetime no less than 20 years.


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