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Sun or shade

Sky imager enables advanced solar penetration to your hybrid microgrid application

In PV/diesel hybrid applications, the intermittency of the PV source poses a stability challenge for the system when the installed PV capacity reaches a significant size.

Three types of spinning reserve

In order to avoid overloading the genset(s) - potentially causing a blackout - the system has to be capable of withstanding a drop in PV production, for instance due to clouds casting shade on the PV panels. To counter that, the system needs to maintain a sufficient amount of spinning reserve.

1. Extra gensets

One way of securing sufficient spinning reserve is to keep an excessive number of gensets online, enabling them to pick up the additional load whenever PV production declines. The security provided by additional spinning reserve comes at the price of a decreased PV penetration ratio.

2. Batteries

Another way of obtaining spinning reserve is using energy storage systems. Typically battery-based, these storage systems will pick up the load dropped by the PV source, giving your system sufficient time to start the additional genset(s) necessary to handle the increased load. This prevents running with too many gensets and therefore results in a higher PV penetration.

3. Sky imager

A third alternative solution is minutes ahead solar production forecast that feeds data into the ASC-4 to drive maximization of sustainable power penetration. Using a sky image camera, the forecast for the coming period is delivered to the PV/diesel control system. This enables it to start up the required number of genset in due time before clouds reduce PV production. In addition, the forecasting enables the system to keep excessive genset(s) running, for instance if it shows that PV production will drop again shortly. This eliminates unwanted start/stop cycles of the genset(s).

DEIF’s ASC solutions are compatible with the leading short-term forecasting systems of the industry from Reuniwatt and SteadySun. The forecasting is directly coupled to the existing spinning reserve routine and will generate automated start/stop of genset(s) accordingly.

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