Automatic control and protection

Automatic control and protection

Compliant with European ENTSO-E grid protection codes, GPU-3 Gas is a multi-functional generator protection relay, while the GPC-3 Gas combines the GPU-3 Gas generator protections with synchronising, load sharing, fixed power, var, and power factor control.

AGC-4 Gas is a complete controller for smaller gas engine generators, combining the GPC-3 Gas functions with gas mixer and CHP control.

DM 400 Gas is the most sophisticated controller in the family, particularly suited for retrofitting of control and monitoring systems on gas engine generators from 500 kW and up. Because it interfaces with existing gas mixer and ignition systems, combined with the advanced knocking detection provided by the AKR 3 installation on existing sets offers a 1:1 conversion of the control system.

DVC 310 is an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) which offers unsurpassed abilities to control a generator set through grid failure situations. AGI 300 is a family of easy-to-use graphical touchscreens of various sizes.

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