The Automatic Genset Controller AGC 150

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The AGC 150 is an easy-to-use control unit containing all necessary functions for protection and control of a genset. 

It can be used as a single unit for one genset, or it can be connected in a complete power management system with up to 32 controllers for synchronizing projects, island or parallel to the mains. The power management systems handles the load sharing between gensets and the load dependant start and stop. AGC 150 contains all necessary 3-phase measuring circuits, and all values and alarms are presented on the sun-shine proof LCD display.

For more information and inquiries, contact Hans, D. Tvergaard, Product Manager here.

Easy power management setup

The AGC 150 includes Easy Connect. This means that when gensets are connected via CANbus, the controllers automatically detect each other. If later more gensets are connected via CANbus, these will also be detected automatically. Application configuration is possible via the display.

Easy and user-friendly interface

Parameters access via the display and the Utility Software, pre-configured sensors curves, draw and play application setup via the Utility Software, and full power management compatibility with other DEIF AGC controllers.

Hybrid support

Generator controller in a micro-grid system, together with DEIF controllers ASC-4 (PV and Battery).

New design - Easy to mount

Adaptive mimic, with easy switching between applications. Compact design making it suitable for all applications.


Guided experience

Only buttons relevant for a function are visible to the user.

User levels in settings

Configure three user levels with a password for each level, customer, Service and Master, configure each parameter for a user level, and only the parameters relevant for the user are shown.

Shortcut menu

Configurable shortcuts give the user easy access to commonly used functions.

PLC functions

Programmable functions (M-Logic) in a user-friendly environment.

Alarm and Event logging

View historical alarms and events on the display and with the Utility Software (up to 500 alarms and 500 events).

Graphical Display

View important genset and/or system information on the easy to- read graphical display, shown as text, symbols, numbers, and even a graphical synchroscope.

Built-in analogue AVR and GOV control

Eliminates the need for external equipment (voltage and PWM).

CIO support

AGC 150 supports CANbus based I/Os, which increases the number of inputs and outputs.

Key functions and features

  • Engine start sequences.
  • Engine and generator protection
  • Engine communication via CANbus
  • Run coil and crank configurable when using the Electric engine
  • Tier 4 Final support with clear alarm indications
  • Diesel and gas genset support
  • 3-phase generator and busbar sensing
  • Phase compensation for D/Y transformer
  • Four current sensing inputs

Product sheet

For more information about the product, download the product sheet here